Automotive Schools in Chicago, Illinois (IL)

The metropolis of Chicago, Illinois is on the one hand a solid working-class town and on the other hand a city of high culture and gracious living. Like most major cities in the Midwest, it is a town of historical importance, but it is very technologically advanced. Residents of Chicago also take their sports very seriously, what with Bulls, Bears, and Cubs going at it with ferocity in their backyards. Ultimately, Chicago's unique stature among international cities as one that doesn’t conform to any single style is what truly defines the city. To many who’ve never been to Chicago, its name is immediately thought of as an adjective that seems to attach itself to everything—from architecture and political machines to deep-dish pizza, hot dogs and blues. The result is a world-class city with beautiful architecture, an internationally acclaimed symphony, champion sports teams, a host of renowned museums and miles of gorgeous beaches. Moreover, the city is comparatively safe, and its school systems send more students than average on to college.

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